Monday, July 28, 2008

World of Reptiles

Our local library always has really cool things going on for the kids in the summer. This week, we attended the World or Reptiles presentation. Some local folks who own a reptile farm, brought in a bunch of different critters. They gave an informative presentation, which was a bit too long for the age group, and then allowed the kids to hold and pet many of the different reptiles.

The presenters showing off a chameleon.

Sequoia holding a King snake

The kids petting an iguana, and Sage chatting all about it.

Sequoia holding a Ball Python

Sage's favorite reptile, this big tortoise.

Sequoia holding a Bearded Dragon.

Sage petting the Bearded Dragon. She was totally fearless, and pet all the reptiles. She even tried to kiss the python. :)

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