Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day at the Park.

This morning we found that our bunny Chester had died during the night. The construction crew was here earlier installing sky lights, which means big holes in my roof and people peering down into my house. We were all feeling a bit sad, and i found the whole situation rather uncomfortable, and decided to take the kids to the park and leave for a day of fun to lift our spirits.

Sage did surprisingly well playing with the other kids. She doesn't always. :)

Sage is completely fearless. She loves the big slides, the bigger the better...and i often have to stop her from hurling herself headfirst down the slide.

The park was busy that day, and the Sequoia was excited to find a couple little boys to play with. They played Scooby-doo, and Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. We also ran into one of his school mates Aleigha.

We spent some time throwing rocks in the little creek that runs through the park. We got to see a baby snapping turtle, that one of the other kids had found. It was about the size of a silver dollar. Sage was again convinced there were sharks in the creek, but it didn't stop her from sitting in it the first moment i wasn't paying attention.

We had a great time, and also went out for ice cream. Sage of course, made it very clear when it was time to go home.


kimsalerno said...

hey tree! i love your blog :-) i usually don't comment, but i just HAD to...that pic of Sage says it all. a mama's point of view....too funny!
also, sorry to hear about your bunny :-(
much love~
Kim S.

greencocoon said...

hahahaha That pictutre of Sage is great!! Reminds me of Althea, she's got the throwing herself on the floor screaming down to perfection!
I'm sorry to hear about you r bunny:(