Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sage on a Saturday.

Just a few of my favorite pictures taken over weekend. This dress was a birthday present from Sage's Great Aunt Kathy. It's so cute on her! i love this picture of her in front of the lavender.

We took a hike down the road to look for monarch caterpillars and blackberries. Sage loves to pick the dandelion heads and blow the seeds everywhere.

We found masses of milkweed, but no caterpillars yet. The blackberries are just beginning to ripen, and we picked a good handful to munch on. In another week, the bushes will just be overflowing with ripe berries. The is has been a great year for all the local fruit!

We stopped down at the bottom of the hill to visit our neighbors. We brought them a pint of fresh picked blueberries, and a bouquet of wild flowers we had collected on our way down the hill.

Their beagle had a litter of puppies a few weeks ago. They only have one puppy left now. Sage absolutely adored it. i think the puppy liked her too.

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