Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One berry , two berry, pick me a blueberry.

We are in complete berry heaven here! Even with my kids raiding the bushes every time we step outside, i'm still getting a ton frozen. We've been getting blueberries for while, and the bushes are still loaded. They really did well this year, it has just been an amazing year for berries. The black raspberry season is just beginning to wrap up, although i am still finding quite a few out there. These were all picked yesterday.

The blackberries are just coming into season, and we picked about a pint. Some were still a bit tart, but Sage didn't seem to mind. She would pick off the red ones and still say Yum, yum! Yuck! :) These blackberries grow wild all along the edge of the woods, and in another week or two, we'll be able to go out and pick gallons of berries. They are literally everywhere, plump and sweet...with a bit of tart. Yum.

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