Monday, July 14, 2008

Play date.

On Monday, Sequoia had a play date with one of his school friends. She is the daughter of one of the guys on the construction crew. Honestly, she would not be my first choice for a play date. She has the reputation of being... a bit difficult to handle. So i admit, i was not really looking forward to having her here for the afternoon.

However, i was pleasantly surprised. Katie was very well behaved, and her and Sequoia played fabulously together. She was maybe a bit bossy, but i think Sequoia needed that. As she got him to play some different things that he normally wouldn't have. They shopped at the farmer's market, and cooked fancy dinners at the play kitchen, which they served up for Sage and i. They really seemed to have fun together.

Then her mom pulled up, and she instantly transformed into that child i had heard about. The minute she saw her mother, she grabbed a bucket, filled it with water from the rain barrel and dumped it over Sequoia's head! Her mom yelled at her and she ran back to the water barrel, filled the bucket and dumped it over her own head several times...then jumped fully clothed into the kiddie pool. She obviously didn't want to go home. In less then 30 sec. she was naughtier than i have ever seen a child be. lol. i was completely flabbergasted. Her mother didn't even seem fazed!!

As sweet as she was, i'm just not sure we'll have her back any time soon.

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