Friday, July 25, 2008

Picnic at Panther Creek

This evening as a special treat we ordered pizza and drove over to Panther creek for a picnic. We sat on the rocks at the edge of the creek, and enjoyed the sound of rushing water and peacefulness of the area.

When we were finished eating, Kenan took the kids into the creek to play. The creek is quite shallow in most places, with lots of rocks to sit on. We say a huge blue heron walking in the water a ways down the creek.

While the kids played in the water, i did a bit of exploring.

This little moth was on the rock were we picnicked. His wings didn't develop correctly, when he was in his cocoon. So he wasn't a strong flier although he was trying. We moved him away from the water, and back up into the shrubs and weeds. This little guy is a Locust underwing moth.

i also snapped this picture of a pretty blue damsel fly.

i'm not sure what this is, but there was a lot of it blooming at the edge of the creek.

The entire area is in a bad drought and the lack of rain this year is having an effect on everything. The small rocky streams and runs where we usually like to play and explore were extremely low, almost dry. So we didn't stay and play that long. Just long enough for the kids to fill their bellies with pizza, enjoy a bit of family time and get totally soaked in Panther creek.

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