Monday, December 1, 2008


This is how our December began.

We woke to sheets of huge fat wet snow flakes. When you looked up, all you could see was a sky of white. Sequoia was extremely excited, as we never get much snow here. He ran around trying to catch as many snow flakes on his tongue as he could.

Then, my little scientist, ran upstairs and came back with his magnifying glass and a piece of black paper. He wanted to get a closer look at each snow flake as it landed on the paper. The snow was so wet, it only took a couple min. before the paper was soggy, so he went back to running, jumping, and spinning in it.

The snow lasted for a couple hours, but was melted before he returned home from school. Sequoia was really disappointed. Somehow, i doubt this will be the last of it. There will be many more opportunities to build snowmen, have snowball fights and catch snowflakes on the tongue. All signs are pointing to a long, hard, snowy winter.

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Bobbie said...

Yeah for Scientists! Beautiful pictures. Happy to hear you are doing well :)