Saturday, December 6, 2008

Adorning our tree

i really love being able to bring in the same tree year after year. It's like having an old friend visit and share the holidays with us. The kids were super eager to start decorating it. So Kenan pulled the holiday bin out from under the house. It only took a few minutes of pulling out decorations, before i started putting them all back away, realizing that mixing glass ornaments and a highly spirited two year old is just a huge accident waiting to happen.

So we decided to stick with safe and simple ornaments. Pinecones, candy canes, bells, bows and gingerbread. We did put a few handmade glass icicles at the very top, out of reach from Sagie. i admit, i prefer the simplicity.

The kids did a great job decorating. Sage was in charge of the bottom, Sequoia got the middle, and i finished up the top.

Even though the tree is not huge or spectacular, i don't think it could be anymore perfect.

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