Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Handmade Holidaze

i really love to give handmade gifts. So every year i make the kids a few extra special, hand made gifts. This year i decided to finally make Sage a doll. i love making dolls, but have only attempted rag dolls, and crocheted dolls in the past. i have always been intrigued by Waldorf dolls, but have been too intimidated to attempt one. This year, i decided to put my fears aside and make one. i am quite happy with how she turned out.

Her skin is made from 100% cotton, she is stuffed with local Floyd County wool and her hair is made from wool yarn. i didn't use a pattern or kit, so she doesn't have all the characteristics of true Waldorf dolls. i'm still pretty proud of her, and feel this may be the beginnings of a new obsession.

Her name is Lavender, after Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series. :) and she is lightly scented with lavender eo. She's got on bloomers, and crocheted mary jane's. :)

Since i made Sage this doll, and the crocheted tea set, i needed something for Sequoia. i had made him a crocheted mug of cocoa, and a stack of play food pancakes. i needed something more though. i actually whipped these out on x-mas eve. A real trick to get them made without him noticing.

This would be a Krusty Krab, crabby patty meal. (From Sponge Bob Squarepants). The labels still need to be hand sewn on.

Lastly, i whipped up this basic owl using several different Etsy owls as inspriation. i had orginally planned to make Sequoia a set of the Guardian of Ga'hoole Owls. We love reading these books, and have developed a love of owls in the process. i ran out of time though, and decided just to stick with this very basic owl. i still need to add his feet. :) i'm sure i'll be crocheting a few more detailed and complicated owls in the future as well as sewing lots of baby doll clothing. i should probably get a head start on it.


intergalacticrose said...

Love them ALL...especially the owl. We're going to have to get those books soon!!

Kaytlyn said...

I love the owl! To cute!! I just made a bunch of food for the girls' new kitchen set. I had a blast and they went so fast. I now have to get more yarn to make more! I just posted a pic of all my little creations. :)

World of Kris said...

Whooooooooooo doesn't love an owl?