Thursday, December 4, 2008

Digging our tree

The first year that we lived here, we decided to buy a potted tree for the holidays. i have never liked the idea of cutting trees, and an artificial one was just out of the questions. So we bought a nice one in a big pot, decorated it and enjoyed it and then planted it on our land. We did this the first few years that we lived here, and eventually realized that if we continue with this traditon we will quickly run out of room. So for the last couple years, we have dug up one of our past trees to decorate and then we replant it after the new year.

Kenan getting ready to dig our little tree.

This lucky little tree gets to come inside, and celebrate with us for it's third time. :) i don't think it minds too much. Tomorrow we will pull out all the decorations, tie on bows and hang bells and candy canes. Tonight though, we will just enjoy the smell and beauty of bringing this living tree inside with us.

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intergalacticrose said...

Wow : ) Slightly envious, but not in a bad way... Lucky little tree that ia.