Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November update

i apologize for neglecting our blog. It has been so cold here for most of the month that we have not been spending much time outside. The lighting in my house sucks, so i rarely take pictures they come out blurry or dark, or the flash makes everyone look weird.

Sequoia has been busy with school, building bionicles and attending birthday parties almost every weekend.

Kenan has been working really long hours, stocking up inventory for two different glass exhibitions in Japan. He won't be attending these, just sending his work to be on display for several months. It's a good opportunity, and good exposure, but also a huge commitment that he is not guaranteed to get paid for unless his work sells.

Sage and i have been hanging out next to the woodstove. She has recently taken an interest in building, so she spends a lot of time constructing towers and knocking them down. i've gotten a pretty good head start on my holiday gifts. Crocheting lots of dish clothes, hats, wrist warmers and the occasional fruit, vegetable or dessert.

Sage will be getting mainly handmade gifts again this year. Every time i look on i see some thing i just have to make her. :) So she will be getting flower fairies, gnomes and these cute little pixie bugs that i came across on another website. i inteded to make her one, then two...then somehow i ended up with 6. i'm sure they will make a fun gift surprise for someone. :)

i have finally got my sewing machine (and fabric) back out, and will probably stitch up a few gifts before the year ends. i have several ideas, just need to get started on it.

It's been a good month, although we have all felt the slowing down that comes this time of year. Now that the world outside is sleeping, and i'm no longer consumed with the garden, we sink into a new rhythm and routine. Lots more sitting, reading, and snuggling. Lots of coloring and crafting and dreaming. i just can't imagine doing anything else right now.

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