Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solstice Blessings.

The Winter Solstice, is a pretty important day around here. Even though it marks the first day of winter, which is definitely not my favorite time of year, it represents much more than that.
The Solstice is the shortest day of the year, so every day after today will be a little bit longer. So the solstice marks the return of the sun. Although we are preparing for a long cold winter, each day we will see a little more sunlight, a little reminder that spring is not that far off.

Solstice Blessing
Now the time of growing starts!
Joyful hands and joyful hearts!
Cheer the Yule log as it burns!
Once again, the Sun returns!

We celebrate by feeding the birds, making birdhouses and bird feeders, and putting out nuts, fruits and other treats for our woodland friends who are also preparing for the winter.

This simple feeder was made by recycling a milk carton.

So, about a month ago, one of our favorite hens disappeared. It has been extremely cold out, and we've seen no sign of her, and had just assumed the worst. She was a very wild hen, and flew over the fence the minute she was let out of the coop. Often time she would even refuse to sleep in the coop, and spent the night out in the trees. This may be why we liked her so much, her spirit reminded us of our very first chicken, Mama hen.

So fast forward to this morning, i open the door and what do i see ? My missing hen, with 5 baby chicks!!! i have no idea how they have survived the last few nights of 6-8 degree temps. i'm really surprised she was even able to hatch them this time of's been so extremely cold out.

We scooped them all up, and put them in the coop to hopefully protect them a little better from the cold and the hungry predators outside. Soren, although a first time mama is very good and protective mama hen.

The kids of course, adore the chicks. So we have to pull them out and hold each one every time we step outside. Although we really didn't want any more chickens, this was a sweet surprise and blessing. The return of a long lost hen, and 5 adorable little bundles of fluff. A nice reminder of all the things, small and large, that we have to be grateful for.


Bobbie said...

Welcome back little hen! Congratulations on the babies :)

World of Kris said...

Hooray!!! Baby chickens are so cute! Well, pretty much baby anything is cute, hehe. Happy your chicken returned home :)