Sunday, January 4, 2009

January Heat wave

The first week of January we had a couple beautiful days! The temp got up into the high 60's! We had all been feeling some cabin fever, and we're super excited to go outside and play again! Of course we had to blow bubbles!

Lots and lots of bubbles. Seriously, who can resist bubbles?

i love these winter days that get us excited for the spring. Warm enough to let the wood stove burn down, and play outside without our coats on.

We also had fun chasing the chickens around and catching the little peepies. We are down to 4 chicks now, we lost one a week after they hatched. :( We noticed 3 of the 4 have feathered feet. Making them a bantam mix. I's always fun to see the feathers come in and their colors change.

Even Kenan took a break from the shop to enjoy the weather and get some work done outside. Stacking wood, turning the compost and enjoying the sunshine. Sage enjoyed helping daddy turn the compost. The warm weather only lasted a couple days before dropping back to unbearable lows. It gave us some much needed outside time though, and already has my head spinning with garden planning. Spring can just never come early enough.

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intergalacticrose said...

We had a few warm days, too! It was so nice to get out and play. We went out today, but had to bundle up.... i'm asucker for hula hoops, sidewalk chalk and bubbles!