Friday, October 3, 2008

Buffalo Mountain

Today the weather was so fantastic that we decided it would be the perfect day for a hike at Buffalo Mountain. We hike Buffalo a couple times a year, but this was our first time hiking here, since they re-did the trail that leads up to it. While searching for the basic Buffalo mountain info for this blog, i came across this blog which is all about Buffalo mountain, and the constructions of the news trails.

The trail now winds around and zig zags and makes a very nice afternoon hike. The original trail was quite steep, and was a pretty straight shot to the summit. We really enjoyed the newlong and winding trail, although it seemed to go on forever before we finally reached the top. :)

We found a lot of interesting things along the trail and really enjoyed the beauty of the season.

Buffalo mountain is a the perfect place to find rattle snakes. Thankfully, this sign is as close as we got to any.

At the top of Buffalo's summit, the world starts to look very small.

It was such a clear day, we could see Pilot mountain, NC in the horizon.

Sitting on top of the world.

This is the highest point in Floyd county, with an elevation of 3,971 feet.

The view here is always amazing, although it was exceptional today. Often times it is quite hazy, cold and windy up here...and visibility it limited. It was really a gorgeous day for a hike, and we all enjoyed it immensely. It's been eight years since we moved here and we are still constantly amazed by the natural beauty of this area.

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