Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Garden.

This year we are pushing the limits of the growing season. At the beginning of August i planted a fall garden, i technically should have gotten it in at the end of July. This is the first year that i have planted a full fall garden, and i am really glad that i did. The weather has been fabulous for it, and if the frost will hold off just a little while longer we should be able to get a good harvest.

Rainbow Swiss Chard and Kale. The rainbow chard seems to produce forever, and is such a beautiful plant. Ours produced stalks in bright red, yellow, white and burgundy. The kale is not quite ready to pick, but should tolerate some frost and if covered at night it should produce through part of the winter. i'm hoping to create a few cold frames, to protect some of my veggies during the winter.

This is the Rhubarb Swiss Chard. i have a second row of Chards coming up in the main garden. We love to eat this leafy green lightly sauteed in olive oil, with pine nuts and minced garlic. It's also good in shredded in stir fries and stirred into mashed potatoes, although it will turn the potatoes pink. :)

i have a new crop of red and green leaf lettuce ready to be picked.

Snow peas have begun to bloom. i'm hoping to get some peas on these before we have a hard frost. They are pretty cold tolerant, but i don't think they'd survive a major frost or deep freeze. Although a few years ago, i remember picking peas in the snow. :)

More leaf lettuce, sugar snap peas and lots of weeds. The sugar snaps are also blooming, so we are in a race agaist time. Hoping to get a harvest before the winter really sets in.

Lots of flowers still blooming. We still have quite a few green tomatoes and peppers on the plants, just watching the weather incase of a frost. i pulled almost all of my peppers about a week ago, when frost threatened. However the plants survived, and i have several new peppers on them. We are still harvesting beans, and red raspberroes and i have carrots, onions and spinach growing in raised beds. i am really eager to see how long we can extend the growing season, and i'm already planning out my garden for the spring. This has been a good year.

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