Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Carving time!

Sequoia has been begging to carve these pumpkins since i brought them home last week. Saturday afternoon seemed like the perfect time to start carving.

Sage dug right in and then started yelling, It's gross! It's gross!

However, it didn't stop her from getting right back to it. She didn't want any help, and did a really good job of cleaning out her pumpkin. It was my job to separate the guts from the seeds. Which we then roasted and ate. Yum!

Bleck!!! Pumpkin guts!

Sequoia designed this pumpkin himself, although i did the actual carving. We still have more pumpkins to clean and carve, two orange and two white that we grew. A good activity for this coming weekend.

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greencocoon said...

hahaha That looks like so much fun!!