Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homemade gifts. :)

The weather turned cold early this year, giving me a head start on crocheting holiday gifts.

In the past it has been rare that we burn wood before Thanksgiving. However, not even Halloween and we've had the wood stove burning for over a week now. i think we are finally going to get a good, hard winter.

When the weather is like this, there is just no place 'd rather be then sitting curled up by the wood stove crocheting. Sage is going to be seriously spoiled this year. Over the weekend, i made her this tea set and a few treats to go with it. She is really beginning to enjoy playing with her kitchen and pretending to cook for us.

The pie is lightly scented with vanilla fragrance oil, and the tarts are scented in was the only fruity scent i have. :)

These crocheted cakes were inspired by this website that i stumbled upon. So many incredible looking cakes and desserts...all crocheted! How fun! Of course, i had to make Sage a few. Here is a cheesecake topped in strawberries, a brownie sundae with raspberry sauce and a double layer sponge cake with cream filling and fudge sauce. All scented with vanilla.

i'm am really behind on my posting and will try to catch up this weekend. i will be posting some back posts from last weekend, so besure and look for them!


Kaytlyn said...

Tree, those are so adorable!!! You are so amazingly talented! Now that it is cold enough around here, I pulled out the hats that you made for the girls and I get complaments on them all the time! The girls just love them and so do I.

World of Kris said...

Hey, it's really cold in Florida too. I had to pull out the sleeping bag a little early and put the heater in the bathroom. And it's only October!

Love the tea set!