Monday, September 29, 2008

School Field Trip.

Sequoia's class took a field trip to Rock Castle Gorge to study habitats.

We followed a trail along the Rock Castle creek and met with two forest rangers who talked about the area, and what is needed in an animals habitat and what we might expect to find there.

The class split into two groups to investigate the different area. The first group explored the creek, while the second group explored the forest. The kids had a blast flipping over logs and lifting up rocks looking for critters, or other items that might be part of the animals habitat.

Before the groups switched, they discussed what kinds of cool things they found. The kids were all eager to share what sort of critters they found. Sequoia found a salamander, a centipede and a wolf spider.

Sequoia raising his hand to ask a question. That's my boy!

Sequoia flipping rocks in the creek, looking for crawdads and salamanders. Not sure why the picture blurred the way it did, but i like it. :)

This was our first time at Rock Castle, although it isn't that far from us. The trail was really beautiful, and had places for camping. i look forward to coming back to it with the whole family.

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