Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween :)

This year, i was really inspired by Family Fun's Halloween issue to make our costumes. This gnome on a toadstool was my favorite, and i really didn't expect Sequoia to like it. However, i showed him the picture and he loved it and asked me to make it for him.

We had to tweak the instructions a bit, as it's hard to find pool noodles in Oct. i still think it came out pretty good. :) We used materials that we already had at home, a broken hula hoop in place of the pool noodle, daddy's belt and some of Sage's baby clothes. So besides being homemade, it didn't cost us a thing.

i was not orginally planning to dress up, but the morning before Halloween decided i wanted a costume. So i dug through my fabric scrap bin, and put together this Wood nymph costume. The belt, crown and staff are made using real leaves and natural materials, and will all return back to nature after use.

On the evening before Halloween we attended a Halloween Party at the Floyd Library. They read Halloween stories, sang a couple songs and had craft projects and treats.

Sequoia and his friend Daisy, making spooky ghost wind socks.

On Halloween, we went trick or treating in Hillsville, where they close down the main street and have a 'Safe Halloween'. The area businesses stay open and hand out candy. They also have lots of carnival style games, ring tosses and bean bag throws etc and the kids can win non-candy tattoos, stickers and pencils. They set up one of those giant bouncy things, and have a haunted house, hayrides and snacks for sale. It's really a nice event, we come every year.

my camera was set wrong, so all my pictures from the evening are really bad. Sequoia did a great job on this beanbag toss. He got 2 out 3 in.

Sage really enjoyed trick or treating. It didn't take her long to figure out that she was getting candy! Both kids made out pretty darn good!

To help regulate the amount of candy the kids consume. We started a new tradition, the Sugar Witch, an idea i got from my friend Donna.

The Legend of the Sugar Witch.

Halloween night the kids sort through their candy and pick out just a few of their favorites. The rest of the candy, they put back in their bags and leave at the foot of the bed for the Sugar Witch. During the night the Sugar witch comes and takes the candy. If she is happy with the candy offered, she will leave a small toy in it's place. If she isn't happy...she might just take your candy and leave nothing.

This year both kids received toys, and they were thrilled with them. The Sugar witch was pretty happy too. :)


Justine said...

I *looove* the costumes, Tree! They are so original!!! The green embroidered fabric you have in your petticoat--I have something VERY similar and I love mine!
Happy Autumn!!

Harper Neva said...

LOVE the idea of the Sugar Witch!!! Wish I had heard of her earlier. ;o)
However, I told Harper prior to going out that she couldn't keep & eat all of her candy.
I told her that I would either buy it off of her or give her something for it.
It's still in it's bag, but it's about to dissapear. ;o)
LOVE your costumes too!!! Such a GREAT job!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS!!