Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walk in the Woods.

We woke to another gorgeous day, and decided to start it with a walk in the woods. In my opinion, this is truly the best way to start a day. Morel season is getting close, and although i know it is probably a bit early. i could not resist the chance to go morel hunting.

Gotta love Sage's cloth diaper butt, sticking out the back of her pants. Although we didn't find any morels, we did find lots of signs of spring.

The woods were full of this beautiful bright green moss and crazy looking fungi. We had several days of rain, and a couple days of warm temps so the woods are just bursting with new life. Little green shoots popping up everywhere.

Sage found these cool pinecones and brought them home to set on our nature table. We have slowly been transitioning from winter to spring. i think it is finally time to take down the gingerbread. :)


themagiconions said...

Gorgeous lichen and moss... and your daughter is too precious!

dongdong said...

wow,those pine cones are huge or is it just the pictures. I really like pine cones.:)

kenan and tree said...

It is probably partially the picture, they are about 3" tall and the same across. We do have big ones that are 6" tall and 4" wide. We love pine cones too, and especially acorns! My daughter plays with them more than her toys.