Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nature exploration

It is just impossible to stay inside on days like this. So we headed into the woods to look for signs of spring. One of my all time favorite activities.

Sequoia brought along his note pad and pencil. He made lists for animal habitats; food, shelter, tracks, and scat. Then we went on a nature exploration to see what kinds of things we could find in the woods.

We turned up rocks and fallen logs. We found lots of scat! We also found hollowed out logs filled with acorns and hickory nuts. Trees that the deer had rubbed the bark from, holes in the bark from woodpeckers, tracks from raccoons and deer and many other things.

We found these under a log. We believe they are wooly bear cocoons.

Sequoia looking very serious as he records the data he found.

Our hike eventually led us down to the creek, which of course led to a bit of tree climbing. The rhododendrons have become a favorite for both kids, the branches are low to the ground making it easy for both of them to climb.

Sage collected acorns and hickory nut husks and floated them down the creek. The creeks were full and really raging. It was nice to see after the drought last year, when the creek behind our house completely dried up.

Sequoia found a peaceful spot and sketched a few pictures of the creek and some of the critters we came across in the woods.

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