Saturday, March 7, 2009

Almost Spring.

Here it comes! After having a week of super cold 13-22 degree temps, we have a weekend with almost record highs. On Friday the snow began to melt, and on Sat. it was 74!

All the water from the melting snow plus the heat of the sun caused spring to pop up overnight! My daffodils began blooming, the grass turned green and new green flower shoots are popping out of the ground everywhere.

We spend the entire day outside playing, it was wonderful and much needed after what felt like a never ending winter. The kids played on the swings, ran in circles, climbed on the woodpile and blew lots of bubbles. We ate lunch outside and spotted a phoebe, a blue bird and a robin!

The beginning of spring always gets me extremely motivated. The construction on the back of the house has left our backyard a huge mud hill. We are planning to eventually get some grass planted there, but until then the soil is eroding and the hill has become extremely slippery and difficult to get down.

All winter when we came down to the hill to check on the chicken i would literally ski down them only stopping when i hit the fence. Now with the snow's become a huge muddy mess and somewhat hazardous to walk down the hill. i won't mention how many times i've fallen or watched Sage roll down it. So as soon as the weather permitted, i set to work digging steps down the hill. It's a lot of work, but after such a sluggish felt great to be out there digging. The steps came together very well. The soil is very heavy in clay, so after they were dug out, i was able to flatten and shape them somewhat easily.

i am now in the process of collecting and carrying flat rocks out of the woods to line them. i am hoping they will be attractive as well as functional...but we'll see. i am already realizing i can not lift the rocks that are the size i wanted to use, so i will have to use smaller rocks. That has bummed me out a little, as i had something pictured in my head and now i have to reformulate how i want to do it. lol. i will post more pictures as they come together more. i feel like it's a pretty good start to the spring, and i have so many other projects i am eager to begin.

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