Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snowman and sledding.

i really hope this is our last snowfall for the year, i'm so ready for spring i can barely stand it. Our snow has stayed for almost a week, and we are getting our fill of playing in the snow. This is the most snow the kids have ever seen, we got somewhere between 9-12 inches. On wed. the sun came out and melted the snow just enough that it was perfect for packing and sledding.

There is a small hill at the edge of our yard perfect for the kids to do some sledding. It's not very steep, or big and levels out into an open flat area. The only danger is if you bear to much to the left you will end up stuck in blackberry brambles.

Sage was terrified of the sled, but desperately wanted to slid down the hill too. So she created her own version. She threw herself onto the snow and slid down on her belly.

This was a lot of fun until her diaper became packed with snow. :)

Sage finally got her snowman.

Both kids were really eager to help build him. Sequoia had all kinds of ideas for him, but in the end we made a very traditional and basic snowman.

His face is made from prunes, a carrot and dried corn. We used raisins for the buttons and the hat and scarf belong to me.

Our snowman hung out for a day and already has begun to melt away. By the weekend i think he'll be officially gone. It is not uncommon to get another snow before March is done, but i am hoping for the signs of spring to start popping out all around us.

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