Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preparing for spring

With one more day of beautiful weather before the cold returned, we spent most of Sunday working around the yard. We cleaned up the flowerbeds, took down the bean fence and looked for hidden toy treasures in the yard. We found a few dinosaurs in my kale bed, a plastic cow in the strawberries, and bubble wands in the strangest of places.

Sequoia helped Kenan till up all the garden beds. This is something they do together every year.

This picture was taken two ago, almost the exact time of year. It is one of my favorites.

We have expanded the gardens again. We are terracing out the front hill, and creating more garden space. These spots will eventually be raised beds. i have not decided exactly what will be planted here, but i am thinking something that vines and cascades down the hill. Squash, pumpkins, or maybe sweet potatoes. i have lots of ideas this year.

Rhubarb is beginning to breaking through the soil and reach for the sun. i love this time of year.

Sage helped pick spinach for dinner. This is the spinach that i planted in the fall, and it has survived through some crazy cold temperatures, snow and several frosts. We added a new layer of compost to the bed, and planted more spinach seeds.

Spring can just never come soon enough.


kate said...

you guys are so fortunate to have the land to do this!! i'm really happy for you : ) I was cleaning the yard yesterday...we must have had a careless gardener there before....half the grass is actually chives!!!

Stephanie said...

I absolutely positively love finding treasures in obscure places. Such as airplanes stuffed into rain pipes.
Makes me smile so.
Love that getting ready!!