Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Sequoia!

Wow time really flies! This week we celebrated Sequoia's 7th birthday. On Friday we put together goodie bags and cupcakes for his class. The class was making homemade ice cream that day. The kids were in pairs and were supposed to be tossing the bag back and forth. It was fun watching the teacher trying to keep them all focused on the task. Amazingly, they all successfully made ice cream, and were able to eat it with their birthday cupcakes.

We decided not to do a party this year, and just did a simple family thing. We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and out to dinner on Monday, and then had our family celebration on his Tuesday. The school was having an in-service so Sequoia didn't have school on his birthday! Now that's a great gift!

Not sure what to call this thing, but Sequoia enjoyed it!

Sage played a couple games of air hockey with this cute little girl.

Sage riding with Chuck E. Cheese, Sequoia on the game behind her. Her favorite ride was the school bus, and i think she probably rode it about 10 times.

Chuck E Cheese is always a hit, and i admit i still love skiball! The roller coaster simulator was also pretty cool. :)

Um, yeah...so i won't win any awards for my cake decorating skills. :) i made a batch of cupcakes, and then just a small cake to decorate. The kids seem to like the cupcakes better anyway and i can freeze what doesn't get eaten right away.

Make a wish!

Sequoia lost another baby tooth, and is just about to lose his other front tooth. He's already got two of his adult teeth on the bottom. Man, where does the time go?

Don't let the face fool you. She loved the cake too.

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Baby4 said...

Happy Birthday Sequoia! Looks like he had a nice birthday and that cake looks similiar to the one we made for Noah lol :) Probably better! Cute pics and look forward to seeing more as you post them!