Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter returns.

Only a few days after our 'heat wave' winter returned full force. We've had lows down to 2 degrees and finally saw a bit of snow to go with the cold temps.

My spinach has continued to thrive through it all. i knew it was considered cold hearty, but had no idea we would continue to have fresh spinach all winter long. i even have new baby plants coming up from seeds i planted late in the fall. This year, i am hoping to build some more raised beds and cold frames so that we can have some other veggies growing during the winter. i think my other green could have survived longer with cold frames.

Sequoia finally got enough snow to make a snow ball, although it was melted a few hours later. He is still hoping for a really good snow, so we can make a snowman and maybe do a little sledding. Although we have heard rumors of 'hard snowy winters' from the locals, we have yet to really see one. Snow never sticks around for more than a day, and rarely accumulates to much of anything. As much as i don't like the winter, i too would love to see a really good snow.

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