Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's good to be queen.

...or at least a really cute princess.

Sometime after Halloween, i came across this adorable fairy princess costume at the goodwill. It was really too big for Sage now, but too cute to resist. We love dress up here. So i bought it with the intention of saving it for her birthday or even next Halloween. So about a week ago, Sage found the costume and begged to wear it. "Princess dress mama, princess...please!!!" So i put it on her, expecting it to last a few minutes before she moved on to a new costume.

For over a week now, every morning as soon as she wakes up , the first thing she says is, "princess dress? please?" So every day from the time she wakes, till the time she goes to bed she wears the princess dress. Every day.

She wears it outside, she wears it inside, she wears it when we pick up brother from school.
"Princess mama? Please?"

As soon as she is dressed, she begins dressing the rest of us up. No one is safe. Everyone gets a costume. i spend most morning sipping coffee while wearing a tiara and a pirate eye patch. Other mornings it's a witch hat, and a batman cape. Life is just never boring around here.

It isn't just us that she dresses up. She finds costumes for everyone and everything. These are a few of the members of her royal court.

Yep, even Sid the cat gets dressed up. i actually think he kind of liked it.

It's tough work being a princess.

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greencocoon said...

what sweet pictures!! I can't believe how big she is getting!