Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday excitement.

It doesn't take much to excite us. Yesterday, one of our hens laid an egg without it's shell. What your looking at is just the membrane and yolk. There is no shell what so ever.

This is just one of those things. It occasionally happens when a hen first starts laying, or lays the egg too fast. It shoots through the egg shoot and somehow by passes the whole shell making process. We've only seen this twice in the last 2 1/2 years. It's always a surprise though when you go to collect eggs and one of them is squishy. Ewww. It feels a lot like a water balloon.

Our other big surprise of the day was when i went to water my tomato plant, which i potted and brought inside this past fall. When i bent down to water it, i noticed a tomato on it!! Not just any tomato, it's big, about 2 1/2" across! i don't remember the plant even flowering, and i thought it was a cherry tomato, so this was really a surprise! i like to a keep a tomato plant inside during the winter, but wasn't expecting any tomatoes until i put it outside in the spring. Now i have to make the tough decision on whether to fry it up green, or wait for it to ripen. i love my fried green tomatoes!


Andrea said...

Wow, the egg is amazing! Ive never seen anything like it :O) Yay! for the green tomato too :)

Sage sounds like she is a busy little mama, so cute! :O)

hope all is well!

Danielle said...

I say *go green* :) I LOVE fried green tomatoes!!! I was eating them all last fall when I had a bunch of tomato plants shoot up where my old compost pile was! I hope I have the same luck this year!!