Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nature in a jar.

This winter has been so long and cold, that we desperately needed to bring some green life inside. i recently came across these nifty moss jars on Etsy and decided we had to have one! We we bundled up and took a hike in the woods in search of pretty green moss. Even with snow on the ground beautiful clumps of green moss could be found on rocks and trees. We brought home a whole variety of different mosses.

i have not figured out how to photograph them yet, but you get the idea. These were incredibly easy to make. We recycled old candle jars, put some rocks in the bottom for drainage, a tiny bit of soil and packed the moss down well. Then we made tiny toadstool out of polymer clay, and decorated each jar with rocks, crystals and toadstools.

We mixed and matched our moss, although the really lush green pillowy stuff is my favorite.

We've also enjoyed watching random things sprout in our jars. The top two were put together a few weeks ago. We've had all kinds of little seeds that were hidden in the soil start growing inside the tiny terrariums. Just a little bit of green to get us through the gray of winter.

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