Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow day!

We finally got a real snow day! Monday night, the snow began to fall and it continued into the morning. The kids were super excited to watch the snow come down that evening. This was by far the most snow we have had all winter.

School was canceled on Tuesday and Wed. and we had a two hour delay on Thurday! Made for a very quick school week!

We got about 2-3 inches total. Enough for snow angels and a bit of sledding. It was too cold to stay out for long.

Sage kept asking where the snowmen were, as if she expected them to come with the snow. The snow was light and fluffy, not good for snowball fights or snowmen.

The kids played until their cheeks were pink and their boots packed full of snow. Then back inside to dry off, warm up with cups of cocoa and recharge...before going back out again.

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greencocoon said...

hee hee hee they look like they had soo much fun in the snow!! Lucky school was canceled..Man school here never gets canceled even with 20cm of snow!!
Thanks for sharing the pictures!!