Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter on the way...

Winter is definitely on the way. It is has been in the 20's almost all week. A few days ago we went out to gather eggs, and Sage was immediately drawn to the big piles of leaves that had gathered under the oak tree.

What could be more fun then jumping in them, rolling on them, crunching them under the feet and throwing them in the air?

Sage hates having her picture taken, and will almost always turn her head or avoid looking at me if i'm holding the camera. The only way i could get her to pose for a picture was to let her hold a chicken.

Just as we were heading inside it started to snow. Sage though that was pretty exciting. We've seen quite a bit of snow this month, although none of it has stuck. We are preparing for a long cold winter.


Blisskitty said...

Sage is so super cute in her lil hoodie :) it was really warm here today. Of course I was indoors for most of it but I did spend about 8 minutes at the beach :)

Bobbie said...

What a beautiful picture of Sage and the chicken.

Hope you are doing well :)

We got snow yesterday and it was incredible.