Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Horses at Foster Falls.

My folks visited for the weekend, and so we decided to go back to Foster Falls for the afternoon. Unfortunately, the temps dropped that day and it was really cold. You see that big ugly cloud coming in? That's a cold front blowing in.....Brrrrrrr.

The first place we checked out was the Livery. The kids really liked the horses, and we stopped by to see the horses and find out if they were giving pony rides.

Some of the horses in their stalls.

The kids were both excited to ride a pony. Sequoia really could have ridden a horse instead, but since it was his first time we though he should start off on the pony.

Sage loves ponies, and wasn't scared at all.

After checking out all the horses, we decided to talk a walk down the New River trail, in the opposite direction of last time. We only walked about 1/8 of a mile, before we came to a really nice playground next to the river. So we hung out there and let the kids play, while we all froze. It would have been much more enjoyable, if it hadn't been so freakin cold. :)

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