Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pirates, AAARRrrrrr!!

Yesterday Kenan went to town to pick up a few things. He had stopped at the store to find all the summer toys and inflatable pools on major clearance.

Sequoia had been eyeing this pirate ship since last year, but the price was way too expensive. Kenan picked it up at 75% off the already reduced clearance price.

This was a major score, a total price of $ tax. :)

My little buccaneers waiting for the ship to be inflated.

Fun without the water too.

Sage at the helm. Sequoia looking a bit like a drunken sailer.

Launching the cannons! Sage trying to bounce out of the boat!


My little daredevil, jumping headfirst down the slide and yelling Wwwweeeeeeee!!!!!

It came with an inflatable treasure chest to store the shields, swords and cannon balls. You can hook it up to a hose, and two of the cannons spray water. The kids are having a blast with it. Besides the obvious climbing, jumping, swimming fun...there is lots of imaginative play going on.

Now weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! All ye scallywags!


Andrea said...

Wow, what am awesome deal! and its hte coolest thing ever :) The kids look like htey are having a blast :)How fun!

kimsalerno said...

wow....sequoia looks so big. and sage is so damn cute!!!! what a little firecracker :-)
love kim s.

greencocoon said...

WOW that is amazing and such a good deal! Ezra came over while I was reading your blog and asked if we could go to your house today to play! hahaha

Harper Neva said...

That thing's great!!! I wanna play. ;o)