Friday, September 12, 2008

Evening walk and apple foraging.

When the weather is nice in the evenings we often go for hikes/walks after dinner. In the spring/summer we go foraging for huckleberries and blackberries. In late summer and fall, we look for monarch eggs and caterpillars so that we can raise them inside and watch the transformation. Once a month or so we walk along the road and pick up garbage and recycle. This week we went on our recycle walk, and also went out foraging for wild apples.

When we mentioned walking up the hill to look for apples, Sequoia reminded us we needed to take bags for recycle and trash as well. He is very enthusiastic about helping to clean up the world, not wanting to leave anything a behind.

Near the top of the hill, we found three wild apple trees. They are green/yellow and some have red stripes. No idea what kind they are but they are crisp and tart and perfect for apple sauce, baking and just munching!

One of the trees had really nice big apples, and the best part...totally organic, totally wild and free to pick as many as we can use. i am always amazed how much is provided when the land is still wild. Every year, we find new treasures in the yard, or in the woods. Every day i continue to feel more and more blessed to live in a such a place.

Sagie loving the fresh apples, and looking cute.

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Harper Neva said...

I love that Sequoia wants to pick up all the trash. Good for him!!!
Harper was like that in Guatemala, but it's so bad there, we'd still be there just on one road trying to get it all. :o/
Every little bit helps.
YEA for you guys & helping out!! :o)