Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of June

Just a few pictures taken near the end of June.

We have been harvesting a ton from the garden. Beans and squash are just now coming in. Lettuce and peas are on their way out. My deep freezer is already filling up with our spring and early summer bounty.

i'm loving the color of the Purple Derby beans. They are the deepest eggplant purple. We also planted yellow wax beans and regular green beans. i love lots of color on the dinner plate.

Blueberries and raspberries are here. The kids raid the bushes every time we step out the door. i've been freezing as many as i can. Sugar snaps are also a favorite. Sweet fresh peas with crunchy edible pods.

Sage loves the sugar snaps fresh, and loves to help in the garden. We blanch these and freeze them, then enjoy them all winter in stir frys or lightly sauted in olive oil with garlic and a dash of tamari. Around the first week of July i'll pull all the sugar snaps and put in a second planting of green beans, then plant peas again in the fall.
July is just begining and i'm already planning out my fall garden. :)

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