Friday, June 12, 2009

June in the garden.

June has been a very busy time for us. Lots of time spent outside (in between rain showers) and lots of time spent in the garden. Sage has been a great garden helper!

Picking strawberries.

Helping pick salad and radishes.

Checking on the broccoli.

She insisted on carrying all these veggies in the house herself, even though she could barely lift it.


Blisskitty said...

awww. sage is so cute peeking at the broccoli =) my garden isn't doing too well =( but i did finally get a tomato! and if i can ever get the hornworms under control there should be more. and some onions soon!

Anonymous said...

She is tooooo adorable. What a lovely garden you have. OUrs is pretty sickly right now. Aphids got to my dads brussell sprouts but the tomatoes and the zucchini is great. The carrots came out puny but tasted sweet. Can I come over for a Summer Lunch? :)

Anonymous said...

We have a little Sage at our house too : )
Gorgeous photos, that last one is adorable!!

dongdong said...

wow, those broccoli leaves are the last photo! It is so cute! We planted our first garden this year. Hopefully we'll have some harvest.

greencocoon said...

looks great mama!! Happy belated birthday to Sage!! I'm still in shock that they are already 3!! hahaha.