Friday, June 5, 2009

kid's Garden

This spring when we were busy getting the garden ready to plant, Sequoia asked if he could plant his own garden. So Kenan tilled up a small spot and border it with some fallen pine logs. We added a bit a seasoned manure and compost and then i took Sequoia to town to pick out some seeds and plants for his garden.

Both the kids were very excited to start planting. They helped to work the manure into the soil and create some rows.

Planting the seeds


and vegetables and flowers.

Adding water and waiting for it to grow. The kids planted their garden mid-may. Sequoia has done a great job keeping it watered and weeded and Sage loves to help too!

It is growing fabulously! They planted a broccoli, tomato, pepper, potato, green beans, peas, cucumber, melon, spinach, chard, lettuce, carrots and flowers...all in a 5x5 space. :) . It looks better than my garden! Sequoia is very proud of it. :)

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themagiconions said...

Wow... that's so great... what a sense of achievement for them! Look at how their things are growing. Great idea.