Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mysterious Morels.

About 8 years ago we stumbled upon a morel patch while hiking in the woods. It was the first time we had found them, and extremely excited by our find. Every year after that we would return to the same area and look for them again. We have not found any the last couple years, and it seems that our favorite 'spot' has dried up.

Morels are interesting things. They literally pop out of the ground overnight, and are extremely hard to find...even for the most seasoned hunter. i find that the best way to find them, is to stop looking. Seriously. Seems like every time we go morel hunting, the morels are only found once we officially 'give up' and admit defeat. It is only once we stop looking, that the morels seem to appear as if by magic.

Yesterday Kenan was inside working on the computer, and so i took the opportunity to take a walk alone in the woods. i was not Morel hunting, if fact is has been so chilly the last couple of days that it never even occurred to me that they might be out. Instead i was looking for the Mayapples, bluetts and the trillium. i was looking for any other wildflowers that might be popping up right now. On my way back from my hike, i stopped by Sequoia's fort to check on it and add a couple more sticks. (it's still standing!) Then i wandered through the edge of the yard, where i'm to creating a music fairy garden, we have lots of kid sized toadstools made from pizza and pie plates and metal bowls...painted red with white spots, that the kids love to bang on and create music. i stopped there to transfer some moss from the woods and to see if the Lilly of the Valley, which mysteriously appeared last year, was coming up again (it is).

That is not all that is coming up. i found morels.

First one....

....then two, then three. i ran in to tell Kenan (whom i knew would share my enthusiam), and together we found a number four!

i brought Sequoia out to show him, and he found five, six and seven.
When i checked on them this morning, i found number eight.

We've haven't picked any yet, hoping they will grow a bit bigger. We will leave a few so that they can spore and hopefully come up next year...although with morels you never can tell. There is something rather special and magical about having them pop up right in the yard, in our magical fairy garden. Morels are considered a delicacy by many. They are good. i like to eat them, but the fun is really in finding them.


themagiconions said...

They are SO beautiful... wish I would stumble upon them one day.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful and magical find!!!!

Lisa :)