Monday, April 20, 2009

Mei Li and Baby Goats

i finally finished the doll i have been working on for the last month. This is Mei Li and she was a custom order for a local women. She was looking for a handmade doll to give to a friend who just recently adopted a baby girl from China. This doll was really fun to make, although quite a challenge as well. If you click her picture, it will take you to my craft blog where you can see a few more pictures of her as well, as pictures of the other dolls i am currently working on.

Once i finished the doll, we decided to hand deliver it, which was really just an excuse to visit Jo's farm. The last time we visited she had two Dwarf Nigerian goats, and a Jersey cow. Since then, she has added a pair of Alpaca and two baby goats. The Dwarf Nigerian are the type of goats that we are planning to get as well. They are really small, so they do not require a ton of space, but produce quite a bit of milk for their size. They are also super adorable.

This is the littlest baby, Moo Su she is 6 weeks old and smaller than my cats. Sage completely fell in love with her and tried to carry her around.

Moo su seemed just as interested in Sage and kept trying to suck on her earlobes and nibble her hair.

When we first got there, the Alpaca had come right up to the fence and let us pet them. They were a bit skittish, but very curious of us. Of course, once i went back and got my camera they were already bored with us and had wandered off.

Until we get our own goats, it's nice to have a place just a few miles up the road to come and play.

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greencocoon said...

beautiful dolls mama!! Those pictures of Sage and the goats are so sweet!!