Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the Garden

i am way behind on posting again, so my next few post will be back dated. Kenan has been away for a week, for a Glass show in Las Vegas. My folks were here visiting, the last weekend of March and my mother stayed for a couple weeks to spend some time with the grand babies.

With spring here, we have all been extremely eager to get out in the garden and play. Unfortunately, for the past week we've had constant rain, and super cold temps and have been stuck inside cozied up with the woodstove again, waiting for the warm weather to return. Our frost free date isn't until Mother's day weekend, so i am trying to be patient and not begin planting too early. i put in some of our cold crops, and have a few seeds started inside. i held off putting in my peas, but will do that sometime this week.

Our spinach is loving the cold weather and still producing well. i have been harvesting some each night for dinner. i have lots of new spinach seedlings coming up, as well as kale, lettuce and chard. i started them all in a makeshift cold frame, which is basically just a raised bed with old window panes on top of them. It generates a lot of heat and keeps the soil moist and warm, and on sunny days i have to move the glass off the beds or the veggies will get too warm and sunscald. It's a great way to start seeds though, especially if you have limited space inside for seed trays. Once my plants get a little bigger, i can begin transplanting them.

The asparagus is just beginning to come up, one of the first veggies we harvest in the spring.

The rhubarb seemed to double in size overnight. We had a pretty hard frost, that shrived all the leaves. However, it bounced back pretty quickly once the sun came out. i'm looking forward to strawberry rhubarb pie.

Sage really enjoys helping in the garden and is a very enthusiastic helper! She's loves to shovel the compost and help spread it on all the beds. Sequoia asked for his own garden space this year, and has already started a list of everything he plans to grow. i am really looking forward to this growing season, in the garden and in each of us as well.


Justine said...

Your blog is looking beautiful, Tree! Mmmhhh--spinach! That asparagus is gonna be yummm!!!

Family of 5 said...

You garden looks great! I hope mine will do as well as yours! :)