Monday, June 30, 2008

Wagon Train.

It's really not unusual for a wagon train to go by this time of year. Carroll county has a wagon train society, and our road is a regular on their route. So we have come to expect them every year, usually on Memorial day or the 4th of July. So we were pleasantly surprised when they came down the road, on a monday.
Sequoia saw them first out of his upstairs bedroom window and began yelling the wagon train is coming!! So we grabbed that camera and ran outside to watch them pass. This is the closest we get to a parade.

The kids love it, and wave at every wagon that passes.

Here comes the wagon train!

Kids eagerly waiting for the next wagon. There are always a few stragglers, and just as we think it's the end...there is always a few more.

When Sage saw these spotted ponies, she started yelling "It's a cow! It's a cow!" ha ha.

We watched about 20 wagons pass, and lots of folks on horseback as well. This years wagon train was smaller than usual, making me think we may see them again the weekend of the fourth. This is one of those simple things we have come to look forward to, and enjoy.

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