Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cherry Picking.

This week, our neighbors across the woods invited us over to pick cherries. They have three huge trees overflowing with ripe cherries just waiting to be picked. Once the crows find the cherries, it will only be a day or two, before they were completely picked clean. So we were encouraged to pick as much as we wanted.

Sequoia has found a new love of climbing fruit trees. i can't keep him out of our peach tree, and he was the first to climb up after those perfect cherries just out of reach. Only once, did he need a bit of helping climbing back down. Sage was happy chasing the kitty everywhere and eating cherries, which left me chasing Sage...i didn't get a whole lot of picking done.

Sequoia and Kenan did most of the picking, and we brought home over 20 lbs of cherries. It barely looked as if we had even touched the trees...they were that loaded!

i'm not sure of the type of cherry, but they are very sweet and we have been enjoying them fresh, and have already cooked up a tasty cherry cobbler and a cherry crisp. We have a freezer packed full, and more in the fridge. i am hoping to sun dry a few, and i'm looking forward to a cherry pie. We feel very blessed to live in an area, where neighbors still take care of each other. We gave them a dozen eggs from our chickens, and look forward to sharing peaches and green beans as soon as they are ripe.

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