Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Early Morning Hike.

We woke to a beautiful morning, and decided it was time to take a hike to release of few of our tadpoles which were now little frogs. It was a bright sunny morning, the dew still on the grass and the butterflies seemed to be everywhere. i snapped this shot of a Mourningcloak butterfly. There were actually two who seemed to be dancing together, but they were quite shy and i had a difficult time getting a picture.

The woods were cool, dark and damp, and most of pictures came out blurry and yet still seemed to capture the mood.

Sage's view from the sling.

We came across this Eastern Box turtle wandering along the trail. Sage had to pat it and kiss it goodbye before we set it back down.

Sage was the one to find this Red Spotted Newt. After a rain, these little guys appear everywhere and with their neon orange coloring that are hard to miss on the green forest floor.

Although tired on our way back up to the house, this morning hike was a beautiful start to our day.

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