Monday, September 21, 2009

Goodbye summer.

i always have a hard time letting go of the summer. So every year, rather than letting myself wallow in end of summer sadness, i really try to embrace the fall season. This means noticing and appreciating the little things that define the season, the colors, the smells, the stillness. We absorb ourselves in fall leaf crafts, apple recipes and lots of hiking and time spent outdoors.

Today we went out in search of the last of the summer wildflowers, as a way to say 'good bye' to the summer, and welcome the change of season.

The cooler weather made it easy for us to accept that summer is officially over. (although i have not yet let go of the garden. :) ) We took a walk to the bottom of the hill in search of any last monarch caterpillars. We found none, and the milkweek has all gone to seed now. The kids gathered wild asters, knapweed, goldenrod, fleabane, chicory and ox eyed daisies.

Leaves are just beginning to fall and cover the ground, but the woods are not barren yet. There is still much green creating a canopy above us. The sound of birds and life in the forest is still everywhere.

We stopped at the rhododendron grove to climb trees for a bit.

The kids pointed out all the potential fairy homes, toadstools and just really cool looking fungus.

i snapped a few pictures of our favorites. These are the flowers of the fall, appearing everywhere in a variety of colors and shapes.

i believe this is called Turkey tail, but i'm never been good at identifying fungus. Most of them change so much as they grow, and many look similar so i don't really try to identify them.

Many of them appear to be blooming. :)

There were eight or nine of these fabulous toad stools all in line. Sequoia was the first to find them, and Sage wanted to hop scotch over them. We are quite certain the fairies dwell here.

As the weather turns cooler, we will be spending less time outside and more time curled up by the wood stove. As much i look forward to the quiet moments of cuddling, crocheting and reading with a child or two on my lap...i am already missing the butterflies.

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Kelly said...

We have been enoying spotting all the different toadstools and fungi about in our area but nothing we have seen so far comparies to yours. They are fantastic, especially those magical toadstools in a line. Definitely magic there! Really agree with you about cuddling up by a fire doing handwork. It is lovely but nothing beats being out and about in the warmth and outdoors. I do love your blog!