Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day in Greensboro

Over Labor day weekend, my mom was in town visiting and the kids really wanted to take her to the Greensboro Science center. It is not too far from where we live, and the kids always really enjoy it.

The inside science museum has exhibits for all ages, lots of interactive hand on stuff. They have several really fun play areas that encourage imaginative play, and learning activities for kids of all ages.

Outside, in the zoo, they have a farmyard, and discovery center. The zookeeper took out a variety of animals for the kids to touch and interact with.

This one is a bearded dragon.

This Iguana was huge! Sage adored it! The kids also got to pet a ferret, bunny, rat, and ball python. They were encouraged to ask questions, as the keeper explained a bit about each animal.

Outside in the barnyard, the kids both tried their hand at milking.

We all had fun brushing the goats and sheep. Sage gave a kiss to every one.

There are lots of displays through out the zoo, with bits of information about the animals or interactive for the kids. These giants ears show the different ways that ear shapes/size affect sound.

It was a beautiful day to visit, and surprisingly un-crowded for labor day weekend. The Wallaby exhibit was closed, which was disappointing. ..but we were able to see many other animals.

As we were leaving, we noticed what looked like a pond at the back parking lot behind the Science center. So we headed over to see what what was there. We were quite surprised to find a lovely park. It has a large pond, with paddle boats and several different play areas, picnic shelters and hiking trails. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing here, and enjoying the outdoors before heading home.

As we started to head back up the mountain to Virginia, i snapped this shot of Pilot mountain behind us. This has become a familiar landmark on our weekend travels.

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