Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time to wake up, little swallowtail.

When we watched our caterpillar turn into it's chrysalis a few weeks ago, we explained to Sage that it would need to sleep for a while then it would wake up a butterfly. For the last week or so, Sage has been talking to our swallowtail chrysalis, telling it it's time to wake up. 'Wake up little butterfly, wake up!'

Yesterday morning when i glanced in at our chrysalis, i was surprised to see a butterfly! We completely missed watching it break out of the chrysalis.

He was already out and drying his wings.

So, we took him outside to release him.

He seemed quite fond of Sage, she liked him too.

Our beautiful swallowtail enjoying his first nectar feast among our flowers. He stuck around quite awhile hopping from flower to flower.

Good bye little butterfly!


Danielle said...

I wish I had your assortment of beautiful butterflies!! I normally see Monarchs and moths around my neck of the woods!

kenan and tree said...

Do you have a butterfly garden? All my butterflies are native to your area as well, you just have to give them a reason to visit. i just walked outside and saw an Eastern tigerswallow tail, silver spotted skipper, comma and ,more fritillaries than i could count. i love butterflies. :)

themagiconions said...

What beautiful photos... that one of your little one looking through the glass with such amazement is stunning and then the one of your oldest's amusement at the butterfly on her nose... too sweet.
I have linked this post to my blog today...
Blessings and magic.

RunninL8 said...

This is such a fantastic lesson in the life cycle! And what a beauty your butterfly turned into!
We just ordered our caterpillars for our yearly observation.
Where did you get yours?

kenan and tree said...

We found the caterpillar munching away in my garden and brought him inside. :) This is the first swallowtail we've raised. We usually collect monarch caterpillars and eggs from the milkweed plants.

Kelly said...

This is simply beautiful!