Monday, July 13, 2009

Fairystone Park

During the summer we like to visit Fairy Stone Park. It is just down the mountain from us in Patrick county.
Fairy Stone State Park is the largest of Virginia's six original state parks and is home to the mysterious Fairy Stones. Fairy stones are staurolite, a combination of silica, iron and aluminum. Staurolite crystallizes at 60 or 90 degree angles, giving the stone it's cross-like structure. Found only in rocks once subjected to great heat and pressure, the mineral was formed long, long ago, during the rise of the Appalachian Mountains. (info taken from the Fairy stone website.) You can read about the Fairystone legend at the state park website.

We have never found a Fairy stone, but still enjoy swimming and hiking around the park.

The children swimming area is very shallow and has all kinds of fun toys to climb on. A giant frog, turtle, snake, beaver, logs and lily pads...a 'tree' fountain and a small 'log' water slide. Lots to keep the kids occupied, and lots of fun to be had. The beach in front of the swimming area is also full of fun things to climb on and play, although they tend to get really hot during the middle of the day.

This year we took a break from swimming to take a paddle boat (the type you peddle) around the lake. They also offer canoe and kayak rentals, water bikes, fishing boats and more.

It's really a gorgeous area, and we enjoyed the paddle boat. We saw a couple turtles sunning themselves on a long, and there were several beautiful dragonflies dancing around us.

Sequoia wanted to paddle, so i sat in the back with Sage.

i think Kenan did most of the paddling. :) It was really hot, and after our tour of the lake and dam, we were eager to get back into the water.

We always love coming here, and hope to make it back again before the summer is officially over.

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