Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day Hike to Devil's Den.

i am so behind on posting! These last few weeks have been extremely busy with school letting out, crafting, playing outside and planting the garden. i'll try to start posting again, but the more we are outside..the less time i spend on the computer. By the time i sit down to compile a post, i have to sort through hundreds of pictures...yikes.

This was a saved/incomplete post from Mother's Day. Kenan took the Kids to the Lowes Build and Grow workshop and they made these lovely planters. Each came with a flower pot, and house plant and were decorated with hearts, butterflies and flowers.

They were extremely proud of themselves as you can see.

For Mother's Day we took a drive along the BlueRidge Parkway, and ended up at Devil's Den. It was a gorgeous hike, and i spotted a few wildflowers i have not seen before.

This is a showy orchid, and we saw a bunch of these all along the trails.

We also saw Dwarf Crested Irises. i've seen these for sale in stores before, but never in the wild. So that was pretty exciting. Every year we still managed to be surprised by spotting a new plant, insect or critter.

Family picture on the trail leading to Devil's Den. The cave it's self was not all that impressive. It was very difficult to get to, and you are not allowed to enter the cave without a guide. i couldn't really get a good picture of the mouth of the cave, it was very deep into the mountain. Although the cave wasn't all that exciting, the nature trail was really nice and we really enjoyed the hike. The Rhododendrons and Azaleas were in full bloom, and we saw lots of wildflowers and butterflies. It was a perfect Mother's day.

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themagiconions said...

Gosh, how pretty is that place!! So green and luscious. Perfect Mothers Day spot.