Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

The weekend of August 8-10, my folks came down for a visit, and came with us to the NC Zoo. We have been planning the trip all summer. It's only a couple hours away, but we decided to stay the night at a hotel and make a weekend get away out of it.

The zoo was really nice, it was split up into North America and Africa. The animals were not that impressive, but the layout of the zoo was. It was really a beautiful zoo, with nice areas for the animals to roam, beautiful art sculptures and gorgeous landscaping. Although the zoo was quite busy, the area was so spread out that it never felt crowded.

There were several indoor 'habitats' that we really enjoyed. You could walk through and see plants native to the particular climate. Birds native to the region would be flying over your heads, and if you looked closely you might see a snake, lizard or other critter scurrying along the ground. Sage loved these tortoises...or 'tuttles' as she calls them.

Sequoia is always a good sport about getting his picture taken. Sage, not so much.

i was thrilled to see that all the trams and trolleys were powered by vegetable oil! How cool is that???

Sage had the best view of everything.

i loved the 'red' elephants. Their skin is stained red from dust bathing, and rolling around in the red clay soil of North Carolina. hee hee. They were really red!

The kids stopping to rest with Pap.

One of the highlights of the zoo, was the Garden friends playground. The garden themed playground transforms gigantic sculptures of squash, bugs, leaves, vines and flowers into slides, climbing toys, swings and other play structures for children. There was a giant spider web to climb in, a praying mantis to sit on, Several giant squash to climb on or in, you could slide down the giant leaves and there were lots of twisting vines to run through and climb on. It was really very cool. The playground was definitely the highlight of the zoo trip for the kids.

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